We do it every day. We rely on emails, texts and social media posts to transform words into identities. We send our words into each other’s offices, homes and pockets. We rarely know into what situation those words fall. Impressions are formed through one-sided interpretation of context and intention.
Your words battle the noise of hundreds of other messages received within a few minutes. Through it all, you hope your true meanings are understood.


Words matter - meaningful words matter more.


Kingery Consulting will help you develop, strengthen and communicate your message to ensure your vision–your meaning– isn’t lost in the noise.

Kingery Consulting: Lobbying in Nebraska, Media and Public Relations

It always helps to know what the other side is thinking. And, Shannon Kingery has the unique perspective of working with media from both the inside and outside.


It’s time she gave you the scoop on media relations.


Kingery will help you draft effective news releases to ensure penetrative coverage and generate media stories at the local, state and national levels. She works with clients to develop interview skills such as discerning the angle of a reporter, anticipating interview questions and standing firm against pressure to veer off-message.

Media Relations services include:

  • Interview preparation and Q/A development

  • Press release template design and copywriting

  • Strategic message development and management


Public Relations services are also available on a per-job basis including: press release and collateral copywriting and editing (AP Style); website review, copywriting and editing; media event planning; speech writing and critique; issues/white paper copywriting and Q/A development; and crisis communication consulting.

Kingery Consulting provides personal advocacy at the Nebraska State Legislature through ethical and honest relationships with clients and state lawmakers. Effective and consistent communication is the foundation on which these relationships are built.

True relationship building requires a commitment of time and care beyond an occasional handshake.

Shannon Kingery’s work in Nebraska government provides clients the insight needed to ensure success in the Capitol rotunda. Her experience with Nebraska media provides clients an additional layer of strategic advocacy in this increasingly media-driven arena.

Government Communication services include:

  • Direct lobbying of state senators, other elected officials and their legislative support teams

  • Coalition building with associated interest groups and grassroots teams

  • Drafting and coordination of committee hearing testimony including identifying local expert witnesses

  • Q/A development and summaries for seamless messaging on the floor and in the rotunda

  • Media interview prep and scheduling

  • Personal, detailed and timely client communication throughout the legislative session

Government Communication & Lobbying

Media & Public Relations

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